Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Power Cooking Fiasco

Whoever said "Mother knows best" has obviously never been roped into one of my mother's brilliant ideas. A couple of months ago, my mom signed the two of us up for Power Cook, a cooking class on the methods of cooking in bulk. I have to admit, it did sound like a great idea, but we should have known we were in over our heads when the instructor explained that the idea was to cook and freeze 30 meals all in one day. Lured by the healthy recipes and the thought of how convenient it would be to pull out a precooked, homemade meal on a busy weeknight, we decided to give it a go. What the hell were we thinking?

As it turns out, cooking 30 meals in one day is every bit as laborious and time consuming as it sounds. We spent 9 hours chopping, peeling, measuring, stirring...well, you get the idea. It was INSANE. This first picture is in the midst of chopping something like 10 onions. Even though the tears were induced, I think this depicts my feelings about power cooking.

After all was said and done (so very, very done...), we had a counter full of meals neatly packed in freezer bags, which makes it look like a big heap of plastic instead of an exhausting day's work. And don't be fooled - the smiles on our faces reflect relief that we survived, NOT a hint of enthusiasm to ever attempt this again.

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