Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look Out, Coco Chanel...

I finally completed my first wearable item, this cute little skirt. I started with this style from my new skirt sewing book as it seemed fairly simple. No zippers were involved and the drawstring opening let me test out the buttonhole feature of my sewing machine. The original design had a pocket and used rickrack on the hem, but I adjusted it to my own taste. I'm loving the cranberry corduroy! You can count on me proudly wearing my skirt to work tomorrow. I hope the seams are sturdy as it would be more than a little embarrassing for my clothing to fall apart in front of my students!


  1. Very cute! Hi I like to create as well check out my blog! I think you will have fun! I am excited to see what else you create!

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  3. Wow, I'm very impressed!! When you take up a new hobby, you really get into it. I'm attempting to learn a little Spanish (RosettaStone) before we leave for Mexico in December... I'm inspired by you. Wish me luck, boy do I need it!