Monday, September 21, 2009

Sew Excited!

Last weekend I bought a sewing machine - my first ever - and I'm totally stoked. I'd been mulling over learning to sew for the last couple of years (prompted, I have to admit, by a rather serious addiction to Project Runway). After some research, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a sewing machine/embroiderer! The embroidery part is an added bonus and very cool. There are tons of little patterns already programmed into the machine. You just push a button and it takes off! Here's my new little baby, embroidering away...

To get me started with some easy projects, I also bought a little book called Sew What Bags which features lots of bags and bag-like items ranging from beginner level all the way up to "daredevil." Of course the one I'm dying to make is the city satchel which is at the daredevil skill level. (And after a silly misunderstanding, now the running joke in our house is that I'm going to embroider "DAREDEVIL" onto all of my bags...) Anyhow, I'm going to have to work my way up to that project. For now I'm sticking with the beginner level ideas. I was able to complete my first project on Sunday. Pictured below is my new, customized, fully lined and embroidered eye glasses case. (Don't laugh; I'm just getting started.) And yes, my glasses do fit all the way in, but I thought that having them peek out would be a nice touch.

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