Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's a Party, Honey!

Last weekend one of my friends from work hosted a girls-only honey tasting party. There were 14 different types of honey to try and tons of tasty treats to try with them, including muffins, scones, cheeses and fruit. It was delicious fun! Anne, our hostess, did such a fabulous job with the food and decor, I wanted to share some photos of the event.

The place settings included beeswax soap, honey straws, and a hand-crafted note card for jotting down impressions of each honey. How sweet is that?
The last picture is all of us toasting with a little honey mead wine made right in Sultan, WA where I grew up. From left to right: Anne, Jennilyn, yours truly, Michelle and Leah. Cheers!

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