Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Summer Over...

After much consideration, I have decided that I will overcome my online anxiety and create my own blog. I'm not entirely sure what it will include or what may become of it, but what the hell.

As I gear up for yet another school year, I can't help but cling to my precious summer memories and the major and minor accomplishments of the season. The really "big deal" for me this summer was completing the STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride. It was 204 miles in 2 days. It was pretty grueling, no doubt about it, but it was also amazing and life-changing. Before completing the ride, I'm not sure I really believed in myself or felt confident in my own strength. However, after crossing that finish line, I have a whole new perspective. Suddenly I have proof that I really can do anything I put my mind to, and it feels awesome! The picture above is my husband Craig and me at the finish line. Woohoo!

In addition to STP, we also did the Livestrong Challenge. Livestrong is Lance Armstrong's foundation for Cancer. The Seattle area ride was 70 miles, including some MAJOR hills. I was nearing my maximum capacity for pain when the rain started pouring. The rain didn't last long, but in its place came the hail. (By the way, hail hurts quite a lot when you're sailing through it.) Even though the challenge was, well, challenging, it still felt good at the finish line - especially knowing we had also raised about $1500 for the fight against Cancer.

Other than my biking adventures, I've been cooking more than ever and even tried my hand at some canning. Both of my attempts (raspberry jam and applesauce) turned out great, so now I'm thinking about what else I might be able to can before summer disapears completely. Hmm, peaches and tomatoes are in season...

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