Monday, September 7, 2009

Canning by Candlelight

Remember my brilliant idea about canning tomatoes? Well, yesterday I decided I would make and can my own tomato sauce. It can't be too hard, right? Well...
I started out by going to my favorite grocery store in the world, Central Market. After spending $33 on tomatoes (not even organic, mind you) and a bit more for garlic and onions, I was ready to get going. Things started out great.

Then I realized that there was no way all of my beautiful tomatoes would fit in one pot. Ok, fine. I decided to work in batches. It turns out that 3 batches of tomatoes cooking ends up being 6 batches of tomatoes pureeing. Ok, I can make it work. So after hours of cooking, pureeing and reducing, suddenly the power goes out. I waited patiently for an hour, praying it would kick on again, but to no avail. Finally Craig gets the brilliant idea that we can save the tomato sauce if we bring in the propane camping stove and finish cooking and canning on it.
So there we are, with candles and flashlights, canning tomato sauce like pioneers.

The picture above is Craig stirring the pot. Of course the flash on the camera makes it seem like it's bright as day, but as you can tell by the lit candle, it is definitely not! Anyhow, with 5 minutes left of the final water bath for the jars, the power came back...which just figures. In spite of all the trials it took to make, the finished product looks pretty good. Now let's just hope it tastes good too. We'll find out tonight as I'm planning to serve it with homemade raviolis (yet another adventurous first attempt).

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