Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Catch-up

I've been so busy this last month that I haven't even had time to update everyone on my latest projects. So much to catch up on! To begin, I have finished a handful of sewing projects which I gave as Christmas gifts (so those really did have to stay under wraps, so to speak). Included were two more zippered wristlets and two aprons. I specifically chose fabrics based on the recipients of these items, and I think they were a hit.
Also, after I finally got a Le Cruset French oven (which I've been pining for), I made Julia Child's classic Boeuf Bourguignon. This dish is featured in the movie Julie and Julia, which, if I haven't already mentioned, is my new FAVORITE movie! Anyhow, it was quite labor intensive and took the better part of a day, but it was exquisite! Unfortunately it looks a bit sloppy in my beautiful French oven, but I assure you it tasted superperb.
Lastly, I'm sharing a picture of a plate of cookies I decorated at the Christmas Vixens party. This is a get together with a few girlfriends, and this year's festivities included cookie decorating under the guidance of Martha Stewart. (Or at least with the help of an article from her magazine.) Should Martha Stewart happen upon this blog, please know, Martha, that we would be delighted to have you at next year's Christmas Vixens party if you are not too intimdated by my crafty domestic skills. Just let me know if you can make it.

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  1. cute clutches! hey I think you would enjoy my family blog and I am opening a new etsy shop in the fall with my cousin if you want to follow those blogs. :) I am glad to hear that recipe is yummy, I just might try it I love to cook! I also have a dinner group blog where we review different restaurants but we always add recipes at the end that go with the dish we ate so people from out of state can try them out. Follow them all if you wish! :) Happy cooking!